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Ensure Your PTO Shaft’s Longevity with a PTO Shaft Plastic Cover

The PTO shaft (Power Take-Off shaft) plays an essential role in many pieces of agricultural machinery, including tractors, rotavators, and mowers. Without appropriate protection, there’s a risk of serious accidents, such as an individual being entangled in the PTO shaft rotating at 540 RPM from a distance of five feet. To avoid such dangerous situations, procuring a PTO shaft guard or a PTO shaft plastic cover is necessary. These protective equipment can stop clothing accessories from getting twisted into the rotating shaft.

When searching for PTO Shaft plastic covers, consider features like slotted holes and screws, which can help secure them onto the front drive shaft. Most PTO-driven devices come with a fully-shielded PTO driveline, safeguarding the operator from unexpected entanglement. This shield, made of plastic, encapsulates the driveline shaft and includes bearings at both extremities. The shield halts spinning upon contact with any object, thus preventing accidental entanglement and injuries. The driveline shield ends are bell-shaped to ensure the universal joints on each end of the driveline, which can sometimes grab objects and entangle workers, are protected. It is strongly advised not to modify this shield for easier maintenance as it could compromise safety.

Key Features of PTO Shaft Guard

Our tractor PTO shaft covers are built to endure severe conditions, UV light, and ozone. They are easily removable and replaceable with guards. All our PTO shaft guards are CE certified, ensuring safety and quality. Here are some compelling reasons to consider our tractor PTO shaft covers:

  • They are suitable for 48″” long integral drive systems.
  • Easy assembly without the need for specialized tools.
  • Allows lubrication of the PTO drive shaft without removing the guard.
  • UV and ozone resistant.
  • Provides full coverage at maximum angles.
  • Meets and exceeds all applicable safety standards.

Experience the Quality of Our PTO Shaft Plastic Cover

At Ever-power, we provide a variety of PTO shaft guards suitable for different needs and specifications. As one of the leading PTO shaft cover suppliers in China, we pride ourselves on our professional service and high-quality products. Our innovative plastic frame, bearings, and round endings fit a variety of tractor models and drivelines. The durable, versatile design fits most tractor PTO shafts and is easy to install.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We have been manufacturing PTO shafts for many years and have built a reputation for delivering reliable and durable products. Our factory, equipped with modern machinery and experienced professionals, is committed to producing top-quality PTO shaft plastic guards.

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