Ascp-70 Chlorinated Paraffin 70 Powder

Ascp-70 Chlorinated Paraffin 70 Powder


1.Insipidity and very good chemical stability
2.Widely utilized in PVC, PE,Conveyor Belt,Masterbatch,Paint
three.Utilized as flame retardant

Chlorinated Paraffin 70

one.Physical and Chemical Qualities:

Chlorinated Paraffin 70 is white or pale yellow reliable powder. It truly is chemical construction is practically totally saturated and It has the subsequent houses good fire-retardan, chemical reagent resistance, compatibility,antideteriorant and heat stabilization. So it really is an additive hearth-retardant of wonderful EPT performance.



Chlorinated Paraffin 70


White to pale yellow powder

Chlorine Content(%)

68-seventy two

Scorching decomposition temperature


Dampness(%) lt


Dimension(mesh)(ninety five%)


Softening Stage(C)

90-a hundred and twenty

Thermal Stability(JQD%,HCL 4Hrs,175C), lt


Carbon Tetrachloride(Hangzhou everpower4)(PPM), lt


three.Software:It is extensively used rubber and plastic products as fireplace-retardant for hearth-retardant cable, fireproof coating,polyester,Stomach muscles, polystyrene and epoxy resin etc. It can also be utilised as fireproof additives for printing ink and modifier for papermarking market. It is employed in other EPT this sort of as fiber industry as plasticity agent and floor treatment method agent for cloth and so forth.

four.Package deal:Packed in Kraft paper bags with PE Lined inside of(Web fat:25KG) Bulk baggage(Web bodyweight:500KG or 1000KG)or according to your demands.

5.Storage:Anti-sum, moist-proof and avoiding overheating are essential throughout storage.

Ascp-70 Chlorinated Paraffin 70 Powder

Ascp-70 Chlorinated Paraffin 70 Powder