Bonfiglioli 306L Series Planetary Gearbox Reducer Replacement 306L1 306L2 306L3 306L4

When it comes to the needs of a modern industry, dependable and efficient equipment is a must. One such equipment is the Planetary Gearbox. It is a staple in various industries due to its high efficiency, robust structure, and high reliability. The 306L Series Planetary Gearbox is a perfect example of such equipment and serves as a viable replacement for the Bonfiglioli 306L Series.

Understanding the 306L Series Planetary Gearbox

The 306L Series Planetary Gearbox offered by HZPT is a modular structure that comes in three different categories, namely base, flange, and shaft installation. The output shaft is available in male and female spline types. The end of the prime mover is primarily divided into solid shafts that can be connected via sprockets, pulleys, or couplings, or through hollow internal threads. Electric or hydraulic motors installed on flanges can be directly inserted as male and female connectors.

This gearbox is highly popular in various industries due to its high efficiency, online structure, high reliability, and robust structure, making it a reliable choice for several applications.

Bonfiglioli 306L Series Planetary Gearbox Reducer Replacement 306L1 306L2 306L3 306L4

Key Features of the 306L Series Planetary Gearbox

The 300 series includes a series of multi-purpose planetary gearboxes that can be operated by hydraulic or electric motors. Some of the key features include:

  • 20 frame sizes of modular design
  • Output torque up to 1, 286, 700Nm
  • Transmissible power up to 1050 kw
  • Ratios from 3.4:1 to 5234:1
  • Versions: In-line with 1 to 4 reductions, right angle (spiral bevel gear set into first stage) with 2 to 4 reductions
  • Combinations with: worm gear unit, bevel-helical gear units
  • Flange, foot and shaft mounting arrangements
  • Slow output shafts: keyed, splined male, splined hollow, shrink disk mounted
  • Input adaptors for EC-normalised electric motors, integral motor for in-line units up to size 307 and for units combined with bevel helical and worm gears, hydraulic motors by major manufacturers and according to SAE J744C
  • Parallel input shafts
  • Gearmotors with: electric motors IEC, hydraulic orbital motors.

These features make the 306L series planetary gearbox versatile and adaptable to various industrial needs.

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Understanding the wide range of our products can be beneficial in choosing the right product for your specific needs. Some of our related planetary gearboxes include the Planetary Feed Mixer Gearbox, Tracked Vehicle, Winch Drive, and the Wheeled Vehicle Drive.

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These gearboxes are designed to cater to specific industrial needs and provide high efficiency and reliability in their respective applications.

Interchangeability with Trasmital Bonfiglioli

The 300L series gearbox and 300R series planetary gearboxes are interchangeable with the Trasmital Bonfiglioli models. The installation and dimensions of the planetary gearboxes are strictly designed according to Italian and American manufacturers, making them ideal substitutes for those Italian products.

Trust in Our Manufacturing Strength

We pride ourselves on being a professional manufacturer of planetary gearboxes. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and skilled personnel to ensure the production of high-quality gearboxes.

Our Factory

Furthermore, we can produce products that can replace other brands such as Brevini riduttori, BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, ZOLLERN.

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If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and robust planetary gearbox, look no further than the 306L Series Planetary Gearbox. Its high efficiency and versatility make it a perfect fit for various industrial applications. Don’t delay, explore our product line and make your purchase today to experience the difference in quality and performance.

Q & A

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