DXG35/DXG35 D Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox for Material Handling Industry

The DXG35/DXG35 D Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox is a high-quality, reliable and durable product designed for the Material Handling Industry. Built with a hard tooth surface helical gear, this gearbox boasts high bearing capacity, smooth transmission, lightweight construction, and low energy consumption.

Key Features and Specifications

The DXG35 series shaft mounted gearbox is connected with the reducer motor through the pulley. Its hollow output shaft is connected by a key. It can be replaced by electric rollers as the power for belt conveyors and lifting equipment. This gearbox can be installed with backcheck to avoid the working machine skid, and its pull rod installation is convenient. It is widely used in mining equipment, concrete mixing plants, gravel crushers, sand production lines, and other belt conveyors and mechanical transmission fields.

Here are the key features and specifications of the DXG35/DXG35 D Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox: