HS 39123100 CMC LV for Mining Applications

HS 39123100 CMC LV for Mining Applications

CMC is a type of EPTant cellulose ether and a very good drinking water-soluble poEPTnionic compound acquired from chemically modified organic fibers, soluble in cold water. It has unusual and extremely useful comprehensive actual physical and chemical qualities these kinds of as emulsifiablity, dispersion, strong dispersion, non-perishability, physiological harmlessness, and so forth., and is a kind of extensively-used all-natural polymer derivatives. The exceptional homes of CMC incEPT: thickening, drinking water retention, metaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.sm inert, film formability, dispersion stability, and so forth. It can be utilised as thickeners, water retention brokers, binders, lubricants, emulsifiers, assistant defloccXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ts, tablet substrate, organic substrates and carriers of biological goods

Foodstuff Grade CMC

Sort Viscosity (mPa.s) PH Price Degree of Substitution Chloride (Cl-% Decline on EPT % Sieving Rate(%)(80 mesh)
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE9 one hundred ten 144 2 6.5 eight.5 .ninety five / le1.two le9 le98.
DE9-one 550 1350 2 6.five eight.5 .95 / le1.two le9 le98.
DE9-two 1650 2250 two six.5 8.five .95 / le1.two le9 le98.
DE9 330 450 1 6.5 eight.5 .95 / le1.two le9 le98.
DEH9-one 660 900 1 6. 8.five .ninety five / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEH9-two 1100 1350 one 6. 8.5 .95 / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEH9-three 1870 1980 1 six. 8.5 .95 / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEH9-four 2200 2250 one six. eight.5 .ninety five / le1.two le9 le98.
FVH9-five 2750 3150 1 6. eight.five .ninety five / le1.two le9 le98.
DEH9-six 2850 4500 1 6. 8.5 .ninety five / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEM6 1100 1800 one six.five 8.5 .95 / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEFH6 330 450 1 six.five eight.5 .95 / le1.two le9 le98.


Sort Viscosity (mPa.s) PH Worth Degree of Substitution Reduction on EPT %
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE9 330 450 one six.five eight.5 .90 / le9
DEH9-1 660 900 one six. 8.five .ninety / le9
DE1002 330 450 one six.five 8.5 .98 / le9
DE1592 660 810 one 6.five eight.5 .ninety / le9
DE0492 440 810 two 6.five eight.5 .ninety / le9
DE1583 715 900 1 6.five eight.five .eighty / le9
DE1074 880 1170 1 6.five 9. .70 .eight le9
DE 0571 935 1800 2 six.5 8.five .90 / le9
DE 0571 1100 2700 2 6.5 ten. / / le9
DE2081R 1980 2070 1 six. 8.five .83 .9 le9
DE3081R 2530 2700 1 6. 8.five .83 .nine le9
DEH7 990 / one 6.five 9. .sixty eight / le9
DEH8 385 540 one six.five 9. .80 .9 le9
DEVH8 880 1170 one six.5 nine. .78 .nine le9
OM6 440 540 two 7. 10.five / / le9
C1215 1320 1350 1 six.5 eight.5 .ninety / le9
P600 550 650 2 / / / / /
P800 750 900 2 / / / / /

A.PoEPTnionic Cellulose (PAC)

Specialized Specifications of PAC for Drilling Fluid
Sort Viscosity (mPa.s) Filtration (ml) PH Value Degree of Substitution Loss on EPT % Puirity (%)
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DEL9 one hundred ten one hundred forty four 2 6.5 8.five .95 / le9 le98.
DEM9-one 550 1350 two 6.five eight.5 .95 / le9 le98.
DEM9-2 1650 2250 2 six.5 eight.five .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEH9 330 450 1 six.5 8.5 .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEVH9-1 660 900 one 6. eight.5 .95 / le9 le98.
DEVH9-two 1100 1350 one six. 8.5 .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEVH9-3 1870 1980 1 six. 8.five .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEVH9-four 2200 2250 1 6. eight.5 .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEVH9-5 2750 3150 1 6. eight.5 .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEVH9-six 2850 4500 1 6. eight.5 .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEM6 1100 1800 1 6.5 8.five .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEFH6 330 450 1 6.five eight.five .ninety five / le9 le98.

B.sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

Complex Technical specs of HV-CMC, LV-CMC
Specifications Functionality Take a look at
Items Indicators
In distilled h2o In salt drinking water In saturated water
Foundation Mud Filtration (ml) sixty plusmn10 sixty plusmn11 sixty plusmn12
Apparent Viscosity (CPS) le6 le6 le6
PH Price eight. plusmn1. eight. plusmn1. 7.five plusmn1.
HV-CMC Generate of 15CPS (m3/t) ge160 ge130 ge140
LV-CMC Filtration: 10ml/h Addition (g/l) / le7. le10
Clear Viscosity (CPS) / ge4 le6
Remarks The overall performance check of HV-CMC as for every OCMA DFCP-seven techniques.
The functionality examination of LV-CMC as per OCMA DFCP-2 approaches.

Specialized Specifications of CMC-HVT, CMC-LVT
Variety Viscometer dial looking through at 600r/min Filtration (ml)
In distilled h2o In 40/L salt drinking water In saturated salt water In Filtration (ml)
CMC-HVT ge30 ge30 ge30 le10
CMC-LVT le90 le10
Remarks Conforms to API Spec. 13A test techniques

Technological Speifications of CMC for Fracturing Fluid
Variety Vicosity (mPa.s) PH Price Degree of Substitution Reduction on EPT(%) Purity(%)
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
CMC9-5000 5000 6000 1 six.5 nine .90 / le10 ge90
CMC9-6000 6000 7000 1 six.5 9 .90 / le10 ge90
CMC9-7000 7000 8000 1 6.five 9 .90 / le10 ge90

PAPER Producing Grade CMC

Type Viscosity (mPa.s) pH Benefit Degreee of Substitution Purity(%) Decline on EPT %
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Spindle No. Speed (rpm) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE-5 5 ten 2 1 60 six. eight.5 .65 .eighty five As for every customer’s needs ( ge95or ge98) le10
DE-ten 5000 7000 two one 60 6. eight.five .sixty five .85 le10
DE-thirty 7000 / 2 one 60 6. eight.5 .sixty five .eighty five le10
DE-fifty one hundred 250 two one 60 six. eight.5 .65 .85 le10
DE-two hundred 5000 7000 2 2 sixty 6. eight.5 .sixty five .eighty five le10
DE-600 200 400 two 2 60 six. 8.5 .sixty five .eighty five le10
PM 300 500 2 two sixty six. eight.five .sixty five .85 le12
PAC-twenty / one hundred 4 2 sixty 6.five 8.5 .8 .85 ge98 le8
DEX-5 33 90 four one 60 6 eight.five .eight .nine ge98 le8
DEX-ten one hundred ten a hundred and eighty 4 two 60 six 8.five .8 .nine ge98 le8
DEM8-1 550 1170 two 2 or three sixty 6 eight.five .7 .9 ge98 le8


Kind Viscosity (mPa.s) pH Worth Degreee of Substitution Purity(%) Diploma of Reduction on EPT %
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE16 100 250 2 six. 10 yen0.70 .eight / le10
OH6 5000 7000 two 6. 10 yen0.70 .8 / le10
OVH6 7000 / 2 six. ten yen0.70 .eight / le10
DEV9 100 250 2 6. 10 yen0.eighty five / / le10
DE9 5000 7000 two six. ten yen0.85 / / le10
DE6-A two hundred four hundred 2 six. 8.5 yen0.70 .8 ge98 le10


Complex Specs of Other EPT Grade CMC
Sort Viscosity (mPa.s) PH Value Degree of Subsftitution Loss on Dring %
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Viscometer Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE6 three hundred 800 2 NDJ-seventy nine six 9 .6 .eighty five le10
DE6 800 1200 2 NDJ-seventy nine six 9 .6 .85 le10
DEC6 1200 / two NDJ-seventy nine 6 nine .sixty five .85 le10
DEC-S 1200 / 2 NDJ-79 6 8.five .sixty five .85 le10

Food: EPTrage, Bakery solution, Dairy item, Ice cream, Immediate noodle, Meat merchandise, Frozen desserts, Quick-dissolving meals, Canned foodstuff, Dressings ampSauces, and so forth.
Other Business: Ceramics, Oil drilling, Paper-making, Toothpaste, Day-to-day-use chemical, Paint, EPT ampDyeing, Detergent, Battery, Tobacco, Individual treatment, etc.

one)Thickening: CMC can produce higher viscosity at reduced concentration. It also functions as lubricant.
two)H2o retention: CMC is a h2o binder, helps improve shelf existence of foods.
3)Suspending aid: CMC functions as emulsifier and suspension stabilizer, specifically in icings to management ice crystal dimensions.
4)Film forming: CMC can create a movie on the surface area of fried meals, eg. Immediate noodle, and stop absorption of extreme vegetable oil.
five)Chemical balance: CMC is resistant to warmth, light, mildew and generally utilised chemicals.
six)Physiologically inert: CMC as a foods additive has no caloric price and can not be metaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.zed.

one. Odorless, tasteless and non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c.
two. Large hygroscopicity and is soluble in water to type a thick liquid
three. It is a poEPTnionic electrolyte and not fermEPTd.
four. Good heat-balance, resistance to salt and movie-forming residence
five. Robust emulsifier for unwanted fat and oil
Application of higher viscosity CMC Foods quality:
CMC is widely utilized in food business, it engage in the roles of style advancement, thickening and stabilization when utilised in numerous kinds of dairy drinks and EPTonings. As an additive of molding, taste enhancement, antifragmentation, h2o reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. and tenacity strengthening, CMC is also employed in ice cream, bread, cake, biscuit, immediate noodle and quickly paste foods.
The recommended addition is .three-one.%
Other application:
Textile Business:
Thanks to water-solubility, movie generating potential and binding attribute, CMC is becoming employed in sizing
of yarns in warping. Also, CMC with higher viscosity stages are employed in printing fabrics possibly with
sodium alginate or changing it.
Drilling Insdustry:
In oil industry, CMC is becoming utilised collectively with barite bentonite, and clay in orEPTto put together drilling muds, which assists controlling suspension, and acquiring out the sand in the drilling procedure.
Glue and Adhesive Business:
By creating use of h2o solubility and binding houses, CMC is used as glue for wallpaper apps, and is also utilized in leather-based sector too.
Paper Business:
CMC is utilized in paper market for binding the substances, and for growing the strengEPT of paper. Some purified and specialized grades are also utilized for smoothing the surface of paper, which implies greater printability and high quality.
Paint Industry:
It is utilised in paints to manage the stream property of paints.
Building Business:
CMC can be utilized with plaster and cement. The main goal is to avoid early freezing that way, it gets quite straightforward to function on plaster in a EPTer period of time.

HS 39123100 CMC LV for Mining Applications

HS 39123100 CMC LV for Mining Applications