Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder for Kubota 70091-00096


The replacement hydraulic thumb cylinder is a high-quality product that is part of the Double-Acting Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, Kubota, Replacement Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, and Welded Cylinders categories. Manufactured by Kubota Hydraulic Cylinders, it is compatible with various Kubota models including Kubota KX057-4, Kubota KX121-3, among others. The function of this hydraulic cylinder is primarily for thumb / bucket clamp in excavators and mini excavators.

This hydraulic thumb cylinder boasts a robust build, weighing 48 lbs, and features a bore of 2.5″ and a rod of 1.5″. With a stroke of 18″, the cylinder ensures optimal performance in various Kubota models. Regular maintenance of this thumb cylinder is essential to maintain its performance. This includes regular oil checks and changes, as well as frequent inspections for any signs of wear and tear.

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