Replacement Hydraulic Bucket Cylinder for Bobcat 334


The Replacement Hydraulic Bucket Cylinder for Bobcat 334 belongs to several categories, including Bobcat, Double-Acting Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, Replacement Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, and Welded Cylinders. It is manufactured by Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinders and is specially designed for the Bobcat 334 model. The function of this cylinder is to control the bucket of the excavator. The types of machinery compatible with this hydraulic cylinder are Excavators and Mini Excavators. The SKU of the product is 1171627547, and it weighs approximately 68 lbs. The Bore measurement is 3.25″, the Rod measurement is 2″, and the Stroke measurement is 18.31″.

This Replacement Hydraulic Bucket Cylinder for Bobcat 334 is a robust and durable product, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of construction and excavation work. It features a double-acting welded rod design for exceptional strength and reliability. The hydraulic cylinder has a bore size of 3.25″, a rod size of 2″, and a stroke length of 18.31″, offering excellent performance for a variety of excavation tasks. Furthermore, it is essential to regularly maintain and service the hydraulic cylinder to ensure its longevity. Regular checks for leaks, damage, and wear and tear can prevent severe mechanical failures and expensive repairs in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weight of the Replacement Hydraulic Bucket Cylinder for Bobcat 334?
    The product weighs approximately 68 lbs.
  2. What are the bore and rod measurements of the cylinder?
    The bore measurement is 3.25″ and the rod measurement is 2″.
  3. What is the stroke length of the cylinder?
    The stroke length is 18.31″.

For more information, please watch the video below on how a hydraulic cylinder works.