Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder for Bobcat E35 E35i & E35z Will not fit the E35 With Extendable Arm


This Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder is specifically designed for Bobcat E35, E35i, and E35z. Please note that this model will not fit the E35 with an extendable arm. Manufactured by Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinders, this product falls under the categories of Double-Acting Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, Replacement Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, and Welded Cylinders. The function of this model is to serve as a thumb/bucket clamp for excavators and mini excavators. It has a SKU of 1492682224 and weighs 35 lbs. The bore and rod measurements are 2.75″ and 1.25″ respectively with a stroke of 15″. This product serves as a replacement for Bobcat #7199435 cylinder.

The Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder stands out for its robustness and efficiency. Its double-acting feature enables it to perform with greater power and precision, making it essential for heavy-duty tasks. This type of cylinder is known for its weld strength, ensuring a long lifespan even under challenging conditions. It’s essential to conduct regular maintenance checks for optimal performance. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris, timely replacement of worn-out parts, and ensuring proper lubrication can significantly enhance the longevity of the product.

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Q: What models does the Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder fit?

A: It fits Bobcat E35, E35i, and E35z. Please note that it does not fit the E35 with an extendable arm.

Q: What is the weight of the Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder?

A: The product weighs 35 lbs.

Q: What is the product SKU?

A: The product SKU is 1492682224.