Y132M1-6 4KW 5.5HP 380V 400V 1000RPM brushless ac 3 three phase induction electric motor 4 kw 5.5 hp 380 400 v volt 1000 rpm



The Y132M1-6 is a powerful asynchronous motor with a power output of 4KW and a speed of 1000RPM. It operates at a frequency of 50HZ and is a three-phase motor. The motor boasts drip-proof protection and a high efficiency rating of IE 2. It has received certifications from CCC, CE, and ISO9001-2000. It features a motor center height of H132(mm) and a protection degree of IP44. The motor uses the IC411 cooling method and has a B Class insulation. It can be mounted using IMB3 / IMB5 / IMB35 / IMV1 mounting types. The motor is suitable for a wide range of applications, including machine tools, pumps, blowers, mixers, conveying machinery, agricultural machinery, food machinery, and more.

The Y132M1-6 motor stands out because of its superior features. The brushless three-phase induction allows for smooth operation, and it’s designed for longevity with its drip-proof feature and B Class insulation. Moreover, with a power output of 4KW and a speed of 1000RPM, it can accommodate various industrial needs. It also offers versatility in mounting options, making it flexible for different setups. Regular maintenance involves checking the motor’s insulation resistance and the presence of any unusual noise or vibration. Given its wide range of applications, this motor is ideal for industries such as machine tools, agriculture, food processing, and more.

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