YPT160M-6 15KW 20HP 380V 660V 500RPM brushless ac servo 3 phase induction electric motor



The YPT160M-6 model is a 15KW, 20HP, 380V/660V, 500RPM brushless AC servo motor that operates on 3-phase induction. It is a drip-proof, high-efficiency (IE 2) servo motor, with a motor center height of 160mm. This motor is equipped with an IP23 protection degree, an IC06 cooling method, and an F class insulation class. It is designed for functions such as machine tools for cutting metals, exhaust fans, compressors, and more. It is widely used in ordinary industries, rolling mill machines, plastic extruding, driving equipment, mining, metallurgy, printing, paper making, etc.

The YPT160M-6 model has been engineered to deliver superior performance in a variety of applications. This 3-phase induction motor is highly efficient (IE 2), making it an energy-saving choice for your industrial needs. It features a drip-proof protect feature, which prevents water and other particles from entering the motor and causing damage. Its cooling method (IC06) ensures the motor remains at a safe operating temperature, even under heavy loads. The F class insulation class offers high resistance to heat and increases the motor’s lifespan. Additionally, it’s designed with versatility in mind, capable of powering a wide range of equipment from machine tools to exhaust fans and compressors. Regular maintenance is straightforward and minimal, ensuring the longevity and reliability of this motor.

We invite you to explore the capabilities of the YPT160M-6 model and see for yourself how it can improve the efficiency and productivity of your operations. With its robust design and versatile applications, this motor is a worthwhile investment for any industry. We encourage you to take the next step towards upgrading your equipment and enhancing your operations. YPT160M-6 Motor

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