Z2-31 0.6KW 220V 750RPM Brush Brushed DC Electric Motor for Plastic Extruding Machine



The Z2-31 0.6KW 220V 750RPM brush brushed DC electric motor is specifically designed for plastic extruding machines. It comes with a warranty of 3 months to 1 year and boasts a speed range of 750-1900 RPM. The motor utilizes brush commutation and features a drip-proof protective feature. It operates at a continuous current of 12.2-42.5A with an efficiency of 70%. It has been certified by CCC, CE, and ISO9001-2000. It’s also equipped with a motor center height of H150(mm) and a rated voltage of 400V/440V/550V/660V. The motor is designed with a protection degree of IP21S and uses a cooling method of IC01, IC410, IC411.

The Z2-31 0.6KW 220V 750RPM motor stands out for its high efficiency and powerful torque suitable for industry use, including ordinary industry, rolling mill machine, and plastic extruding applications. Its brush commutation ensures smooth operation while its drip-proof feature offers protection from damage due to liquid spills. The motor is designed for durability with a B-class insulation and robust mounting types of IMB3, IMB35, and IMV1. It’s ideal for driving and providing prime power for different types of equipment. Regular maintenance of the motor should involve checking and replacing the brushes when necessary, cleaning, and ensuring the motor is free from dust and debris.

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Explore the remarkable features of Xinlan’s Z2-31 0.6KW 220V 750RPM motor. We encourage you to make the purchase and experience the excellent performance and durability of our product. Our DC motor is designed to meet your industrial needs and improve your equipment’s efficiency. Don’t wait, upgrade your equipment with our top-notch motor and experience the difference.

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Xinlan is a reputable and experienced manufacturer of electric motors. We have been in the business for several years and have successfully sold our products worldwide. Our motors are designed and manufactured with the highest standards of quality and performance. When you purchase from Xinlan, you can rest assured of the quality and durability of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the warranty period for the Z2-31 0.6KW 220V 750RPM motor?
    The warranty period for the motor is 3 months to 1 year.
  2. What is the rated voltage of the motor?
    The rated voltage of the motor is 400V/440V/550V/660V.
  3. What is the protection degree of the motor?
    The protection degree of the motor is IP21S.
  4. What is the efficiency of the motor?
    The efficiency of the motor is 70%.
  5. What are some of the applications of the motor?
    The motor can be used in ordinary industry, rolling mill machine, and plastic extruding applications.