Professional Manufacturer Glow in Dark Pigment Powder

Professional Manufacturer Glow in Dark Pigment Powder

Specialist Manufacturer Glow in Dim Pigment Powder

MTB Glow in Dim Pigments is a kind of ligEPT storage vitality storage type self-luminous substance, via the absorption of different seen light, to achieve computerized ligEPT function, and can be recycled divided into drinking water and non-aqueous two, with avariety of particle dimension and ligEPT , Widely utilized silk monitor, paint ink, injection molding, printing and silicone rubber and other EPT.Non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c,non radioactive,non-radioactivemeet the EU environmental screening requirements.

Specialist Producer Glow in Dark Pigment Powder


1) Protected
* Non-radioactive, non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c.
* Harmless, nonflammable and non-explosive.
* Free of charge of direct, phosphorus, large metal and dangerous components.
* Failsafe. They alwaEPTwork. After getting billed, stay glowing for hrs continueously, and repeatablely.

2) Secure
* Secure in actual physical and chemical house. Resist warmth up to five hundred celsius degree.
* Explosion proof, vapor evidence.
* Do not change black after currently being uncovered to EPTligEPT EPT time.

three) Vitality successful
* Eat no electric power and need no electrical circuits to perform.
* Cost-free of battery, free of charge of electric EPT, ligEPT energy this sort of as daylight, lamp gentle, all seen ambient lights, EPTlight, and so on. will charge it and make it glow in the dim.
* 10minutes charging, tens of hours glowing in the dim.

Luminous type: EPT-phrase sort and limited-performing sort.

* Blue environmentally friendly ligEPT Take in ligEPT for 30 minutes After glow about 8-twelve several hours.

* Quick-acting type sky blue gentle, purple ligEPT Soak up ligEPT for 1 hour Afterglow for about 5 hours.

Applicate for Paint,Nail,Artwork,Crafts, Acrylic

Bundle ampDelivery
10g/bottle twelve colors complete
1kg /bag
25kg /barrel
Acknowledge OEM ampODM

Really we ship by FedEx the supply time is 5-8daEPTafter on board.

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Accept OEM ampODM

Professional Manufacturer Glow in Dark Pigment Powder

Professional Manufacturer Glow in Dark Pigment Powder