Strontium Aluminate Powder Luminous Pigment

Strontium Aluminate Powder Luminous Pigment


Luminous pigments is by absorbing a variety of visible ligEPT emission perform comma and can be reused several moments interval The merchandise does not include radioactive aspects comma can be used as an additive period The look of colour pigment displays itself in the mild comma then dark emit various shades of light comma demonstrating excellent minimal-amount unexpected emergency lighting comma marking and instructions decorative landscaping characteristics period of time


Ingredients The proportion
Strontium aluminate gt equals93 percnt
Manganese oXiHu (West Lake) lt equals3 percnt
Europium oXiHu (West Lake) lt equals2 percnt
Dysprosium oXiHu (West Lake) lt equals2 percnt
All the proporation are in accordance with the phrases of oXiHu (West Lake)
Standard do not have weighty metals comma rare earths dysprosium and europium is our raw substance comma strictly talking this is large metallic period Besides for these two comma if it does not have large metals


one period Luminous EPT Movie
two interval Luminous Emergency Evacuation Merchandise
3 period of time Luminous EPT Signs

one interval Luminous EPT vinyl EPTpe
two period Luminous PVC rigid sheet
three time period Luminous Aluminum sheet
four interval Luminous Sign for Emergency Evacuation
five period of time Luminous Indicators for Fireplace FaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ties
six period of time Luminous Pebble
7 period Luminous grasp batch
eight time period Luminous Reflective EPT
9 period of time Luminous Rubble


AS Sequence Luminous Pigment
lparstrontium aluminate rpar
Quality Particle Dimension
lparX50 rparum
EPTness lparmcd solm2 rpar Emitting
10 min 60 min Glow time
ASG-6B 65~85 725 a hundred and twenty gt12 hour Yellow-
environmentally friendly
ASG-6C 45~55 480 85
ASG-6D 25~35 380 fifty five
ASG-6E 5~15 280 39
ASG-6F 2~ten 240 thirty
ASG-4B sixty five~eighty five 640 one zero five
ASG-4C forty five~fifty five 450 70
ASG-4D 25~35 320 forty two
ASG-4E five~15 220 29
ASG-4F 2~10 190 23
ASG-2C fifty five-75 350 forty
ASG-2d fifteen-forty five 250 32
ASG-1C fifty five-seventy five 260 35 ten hour
ASG-1D 15-forty two hundred 25
ASB-5B sixty five~85 seven hundred 120 gt12 hour

Blue- environmentally friendly

ASB-5C 45~fifty five 480 eighty five
ASB-5D twenty five~35 360 fifty eight
ASB-5E five~15 260 38
ASB-4B 65~85 630 one hundred ten Blue-
environmentally friendly
ASB-4C forty five~55 440 seventy five
ASB-4D fifteen~35 320 fifty
ASB-3C 55~seventy five 400 55
ASB-3D fifteen~forty five 280 35
ASB-1C 55~seventy five 260 38 10 hour
ASB-1D 15~40 two hundred 23
ASP-6C forty five~75 28 5 three hour purple White
ASP-6D fifteen~45 19 3 period5
ASSB-8D 15~fifty one hundred fifty thirteen 6 hour Blue white
Coarse Particle Luminous Powder
Grade Particle Dimension
lparX50 rparmm
EPTness lparmcd solm2 rpar Emitting
10 min sixty min Glow time
ASG-6A period5~2 1050 one hundred forty five gt12 hour Yellow-
ASG-6BA period15- period3 910 one hundred forty
ASG-4A period5~two 950 115
ASG-4BA period15- period3 820 110
ASB-4A period5~2 770 one hundred thirty Blue-
ASB-4BA period15- period3 seven hundred 120
DT Sequence Luminous Pigment
lparColored Sequence rpar
Quality Particle Size
lparX50 rparum
EPTness lparmcd solm2 rpar Emitting
10 min 60 min Glow time
DTR-4D 25~35 one hundred eighty 26 gt6 hour Orange-Red Crimson
DTG-4D 25~35 a hundred and seventy 24 Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly
DTY-4D twenty five~35 200 28 Yellow Yellow
DTO-4D twenty five~35 a hundred and eighty 26 Orange Orange
DTB-4D 25~35 one hundred forty 20 Blue Blue


1 time period About use and storage of containers comma if you use iron or stainless steel and other metallic containers containers comma luminescent powEPTwill be affected comma the color is dimmed and even black interval It is advised to use a glass or plastic container interval
2 time period About Grinding comma solvent technique common for emitting powEPTmay be floor to acquire greater dispersion interval But with the h2o-based mostly coated luminescent powEPTis not grinding comma and poXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) will wipe out its aqueous enveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.e comma thus losing the water-proof effect period of time
three time period Want now with the existing period It is recommended to use inside of 2 hrs When luminescent powEPTmixed solvent period of time If the blended answer was remaining for also EPT comma due to the huge proportion of the light-weight-emitting powder comma it could appear to sink even the phenomenon of agglomeration comma as soon as caking comma stirred once more migEPT not be so luminous powEPTuniformly dispersed in the solvent time period
4 period of time The ligEPT emitting powEPTtemperature comma can be utilized for the creation of mosaic comma calcined with mosaics interval Luminous powEPTat temperature of 800 levels is not affected comma but the efficiency of a lot more than 1 comma000 levels luminescent powEPTwill be topic to increased harm period of time
5 period When the ligEPT emitting powEPTused outdoors comma it is suggested to use watertight luminous powder comma and appropriately improve the proportion comma these kinds of as 1 period2 colon one lparthe true proportion could refer to various solvents of various remedies rpar interval At the exact same time comma the thicker the coating thickness period of time Surface area coating layer and a layer of transparent varnish to better safeguard the coating right after the coating is dried period of time

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Strontium Aluminate Powder Luminous Pigment

Strontium Aluminate Powder Luminous Pigment