311 Series Planetary Gearbox Replacement of 311L1 311L2 311L3 311L4 311R2 311R3 311R4

Introduction to 311 Series Planetary Gearbox Replacement

The 311 Series Planetary Gearbox Replacement offers an excellent solution for industries in need of a robust and reliable gearbox. These gearboxes can replace models such as the 311L1, 311L2, 311L3, 311L4, 311R2, 311R3, and 311R4. They are designed and built to match the installation dimensions of Bonfiglioli, making them a perfect replacement for any faulty or scrapped Bonfiglioli gearbox.

310 Series Planetary Gearbox Replacement Of Bonfiglioli 310L1 310L2 310L3 310L4 310R2 310R3 310R4

Key Features of Our Planetary Gearbox

Our 311 series planetary gearbox is not only limited to replacing Bonfiglioli planetary gearbox but can also interchange with Brevini hydraulic winch, Brevini rotary gearbox, Bonfiglioli wheel drive, and track drive. We offer customized products and design according to customer requirements, ensuring complete interchangeability with the above products.

With a torque range of 1000–1.100.000 NM and the capacity for transmission of mechanical power up to 450 kW, the 311 series is suitable for a wide array of industrial applications. The gearbox offers a Transmission ratio I =3, 4-5.000 and a gear unit version with a right-angle (with spiral bevel gear set).

Specifications of Planetary Gearbox

The 311 series planetary gearbox boasts of multiple features that make it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Below are some of its specifications:

Why Choose Our Planetary Gearbox?

Our planetary gearbox comes with several advantages that make it a standout choice:

  • Housing processing accuracy guarantee: Our gearbox is made using a large horizontal box machining center, high-end automatic multi-axis CNC boring, and milling machine. This ensures the accuracy of hole location.
  • Precision gear grinding: Our gearboxes come with four levels of accuracy. The tooth surface is carburized and quenched, ensuring it is long-lasting and durable. The use of fine rolling and delicate grinding process results in efficient and stable operation with low noise.
  • Automatic numerical control workshop: We have a standardized CNC production workshop that has passed S09001 quality system certification. This guarantees efficient operation and ensures the production schedule.
  • Diversified configurations and matching on demand: Our gearboxes can be equipped with Xitong three-phase / single-phase, braking, frequency conversion, explosion-proof, servo, and other motors.

311 Series Planetary Gearbox

Our Company Strength

As a professional planetary gearbox manufacturer, we are capable of producing gearboxes that can replace other brands’ products, such as Brevini riduttori, BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, ZOLLERN.

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