705T Series Planetary Gearbox Reducer Replacement 705T2F Bonfiglioli

The 705T Series Planetary Gearbox Reducer is a superior product that stands as a reliable replacement for the 705T2F Bonfiglioli. This product was crafted with precision and technical expertise, boasting unique features that ensure high performance in various applications. Let’s delve into the key features of this remarkable product.

Key Features

  • Output torque range: The product provides an output torque range of 1000-180000 Nm, offering a wide range of power for different applications.
  • Gear ratios: The 705T Series Planetary Gearbox Reducer offers gear ratios of i=3.3-3000, ensuring flexibility in speed and torque multiplication.
  • Support: The gearbox comes with slew support, which is flange-mounted for added convenience.
  • Output shaft: The product features an output shaft that is either splined or with an integral pinion, supported by heavy-duty capacity bearings for extended longevity.
  • Applicable motors: This unit is compatible with axial piston hydraulic motors, hydraulic orbit motors, and IEC electric motors.
  • Hydraulic motor options: The product comes with a pressure relief valve, an overcenter valve, and a parking brake.
  • Electric brake: The unit incorporates both DC and AC type electric brakes.
  • Hydraulic brake: The product comes with a hydraulically released parking brake for added safety.

Planetary Gearboxes Manufacturer

Being a leading manufacturer in the industry, we specialize in the production of planetary reducers. With a robust production capacity, state-of-the-art facilities, and rich experience, we provide advanced and reliable gearbox products that meet international standards and specifications.

Planetary Gearboxes Manufacturer

Our Strengths and Characteristics

  • Technical strength: We house a high-quality R&D team and an engineering team, who possess rich professional knowledge and experience in the field of planetary reducers. We continuously pursue technological innovation and product upgrades to provide top-notch and reliable gearbox products.
  • Production capacity: Our modern production facilities and advanced manufacturing processes enable us to produce planetary reducer products efficiently and accurately. We adhere strictly to the ISO certification system to ensure that every product meets international standards and specifications.
  • Customization capability: We have the flexibility to provide customized gearbox products according to the specific needs of our customers. Our team can customize dimensions, transmission ratios, torque, and other special requirements according to customer needs to meet their unique application requirements.
  • Certification and compliance: Our products have passed ISO certification and CE certification, meeting international quality and safety standards. This demonstrates our commitment to providing reliable products that meet industry standards.

Replacing Bonfiglioli

We have provided customized gearbox products to multiple companies, which can replace Bonfiglioli gearboxes. Our product is matched with Bonfiglioli gearboxes in terms of performance parameters, dimensions, and installation interfaces, providing customers with convenient replacement solutions which have received positive feedback and results.

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With our commitment to quality and reliability, we provide high-quality and customized planetary reducer products. No matter what your needs are, we uphold a professional and high-quality service attitude to provide you with satisfactory solutions. Explore our products and make a purchase to experience the superior performance and reliability of our gearboxes.


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