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Introduction to the 315L Series Planetary Gearbox

The 315L Series Planetary Gearbox is a high-quality and highly efficient product that provides torque ranging from 1000 to 450000Nm. The dimensions and installation procedure of this planetary gearbox have been designed in strict accordance with the requirements of Italian and American manufacturers, making it fully interchangeable with other popular gearbox series such as the Brevini ED, ET, EQ, EM, EC, and EL series, Bonfiglioli 300 series, and Dinamicoil RE and RA series.

Unique Features and Benefits

The 315L Series Planetary Gearbox offers a range of benefits for industrial applications. This includes high deceleration ratios, energy efficiency, long lifespan, compact design, high overload capacity, and reliable, fault-free usage. The gearbox does not have any self-locking performance, which guarantees smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Industrial Applications

Our planetary gearboxes are widely used in various industrial applications such as machine tools, plastic machinery, cargo and personnel lifts, derrick and dock cranes, material-handling equipment, truck mounted mobile cranes, dredging equipment, road manufacturing machinery, sugar crystallizers, and mill drivers. They are also prevalent in steel and sugar factories.

Technical Parameters

The technical parameters of the 315L Series Planetary Gearbox are as follows:

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