Fine Efficiency Tire Recycling Machine in Full Automatic Rubber Crumb Line Tyre Recycled Plant

Fine Efficiency Tire Recycling Machine in Full Automatic Rubber Crumb Line Tyre Recycled Plant

fantastic performance tire recycling EPT in complete automated rubber crumb line tyre recycled EPT

the very first action is EPT-TS series tire shredEPTEPT, is employed to shred the EPT tire into TDF rubber chips in fifty*50mm.

the second stage is EPT-R series tire rasper EPT, is employed to make the rubber mulch in ten-30mm. it can be colored rubber mulch as filler of garden or XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.den.

the 3rd phase is EPT-G series tire granulator, is utilised to make the crumb rubber or rubber granules with no wire and nylon. it is third phase in EPT tire recycling manufacturing line.

The EPT-M series miller is used to grind rubber powder. it is beEPT to closing stage in EPT squander tire recycling production line.

the vehicle tires, truck tires, trailer tires, OTR tires upto 4000mm can be shredded by our tire shredder

whatever the frozen tires or not clear tires both can be processed by our EPTs.

The pre-grinding program can be equipped with bolt cutting resources to decrease operating costs and simplify line maintenance.
The two-phase rasper method successfully releases metal from the rubber for successful separation and clear line manufacturing.
The fine granulation technique is geared up with a EPT rotor EPTly made to minimize the rubber measurement of the tire. It provides maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum throughput although minimizing the amount of fines produced. The EPT is also optimized for lower operating and wear costs.
Inhale textiles and dust at several spots in the recycling technique.
The central reverse EPT filtration method extracts dust from the whole technique.
Our milling method can be installed at the rear of the tire recycling method. The size and configuration of the milling program is configured according to certain generation requirements, ie dimensions and throughput.
An sophisticated audio attenuating enclosure is obtainable to minimize the noise stage of the system to lt85dBA.
Water spray and atomization programs are set up on critical components to keep procedure temperatures secure and avoid fires.
System EPT makes certain ingredient procedure hyperlinks, maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mizes program potential, and ideal guards the technique from interfering components.

Flow- Chart of EPT tire recycling manufacturing line

TIRE SHREDEPT: Employed to shred the EPT tires into rubber blocks, NO Need Attract OUT THE WIRES FROM TIRE BEAD, NO Need Cut THE TIRES TO EPT Pieces. CAN BE FEED IN TIRE SHREDEPT Immediately.

RASPER: It can method and make 10-30mm wire totally free chips, the metal wire will be separated by rasper and captivated by magnet.

GRANULATOR: is developed to grind the rubber mulch from the rasper into modest granules as fantastic as 1mm. The granules are screened and re-circulated right up until the sought after measurement is arrived at.

Miller: is developed to crush the rubber granules to rubber powEPTin -1mm.

Our Factory — HangZhou HARVEST EPTRY CO.,LTD
HangZhou EPT EPTry Manufacturing unit was estabEPTd in 1987,it truly is 1 of the earliest skilled companies of nail producing EPT and tire recycling EPTs.With superior manufacturing encounter,very first-class administration technological innovation and the expert after-sale service team,our goods not only occupythe domestic market, but also export overEPT continuously,which has received unanimous praise from our clientele.Our manufacturing facility alwaEPTaims to set customers’ needs at initial place,and has consistently experimented with to up grade its products for much more than twenty several years. The primary merchandise now , nail creating EPT and tire recycling production line , have previously obtained great market place for their large top quality and trustworthy technologies.

Fine Efficiency Tire Recycling Machine in Full Automatic Rubber Crumb Line Tyre Recycled Plant

Fine Efficiency Tire Recycling Machine in Full Automatic Rubber Crumb Line Tyre Recycled Plant