Introducing the PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox

Meet the PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox, a pioneering, groundbreaking product that combines a sleek, compact structure with high-performance features. This remarkable product is specifically designed for driving rubber tires or tracked vehicles, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Product Features

PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox

The PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox comes equipped with a host of features that enhance its functionality:

  • Single-stage or two-stage deceleration models that can transfer torque up to 16.0 km.
  • An integrated parking brake for added safety.
  • A wide gear reduction ratio to accommodate multiple applications.
  • A manual release system for quick vehicle traction.
  • Integrated rail or axial piston motors manufactured by comer industries.
  • Preset for semi-integrated commercial engines for versatility.
  • Various installation dimensions for flexibility.

Technical Specifications

Below is a detailed table of the technical specifications for each model of the PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox:

… [table continues]

Model PGR-802T PGR-1702/3 T PGR-2502/3 T PGR-3602/3 T PGR-4802/3 T PGR-6003 T PGR-8003 T PGR-9003 T PGR-11003 T

Superior Quality and Durability

Our wheel drives are perfect for the most demanding applications. The compact design ensures high performance and durability. They are designed for electric and hydraulic prime movers. We offer 18 different sizes of wheel drives with a wide range of transmission ratios, making our products ideal for high axial and radial load applications.

Main Features of Track Drives

The Track Drives stand out with their unique features:

  • Available with or without brake
  • Rotating housing mounting sprocket with PCD
  • Mounting bolts are included.
  • High radial bearing capacity of tapered roller bearing
  • Various reduction ratios are available
  • Equipped with a mechanical seal
  • Mechanical parking device with shaft and pawl
  • Provisions for neutral arrangements

Applications and Usage

Our Manufacturing Strength

As a professional planetary gearbox manufacturer, we pride ourselves in our high-quality products and exceptional service. Our factory, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled professionals, guarantees the production of superior products that meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Factory Image

Replacement for Other Brands

Our planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, and track drive gearbox are entirely consistent with the installation dimensions of Trasmital Bonfiglioli, and the performance parameters are very close to them. They can be used as a replacement for Trasmital Bonfiglioli products.

Related Planetary Gearbox

The following brands can also be replaced with our products:

  • Brevini Riduttori
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Comer Industries
  • Reggiana Riduttori
  • Rossi
  • Zollern

Take Action Now

Don’t just read about it – experience the remarkable features and benefits of the PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox for yourself. Explore the product and make a purchase to enhance your operations. Experience uncompromising quality and performance.


1. Q: What is the maximum torque that the PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox can transfer?

A: The maximum torque that can be transferred depends on the model. For example, the PGR-802T can transfer a maximum torque of 10,000 Nm.

2. Q: Does the PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox come with a brake?

A: Yes, the gearbox can come with or without a brake, depending on your requirements.

3. Q: What is the main application of the PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox?

A: The PGR-T Track Drives Planetary Gearbox is designed for driving rubber tires or tracked vehicles, making it suitable for a range of applications including hydraulic excavators, drilling rigs, bulldozers, cranes, and more.