Rubber Contact Cement

Rubber Contact Cement

All objective common make contact with glue

The product is the solitary component of rapidly dry sort adhesive with best overall performance of higher very first adhesive ability, higher efficiency, eEPTly suited for the bond of gentle and hard components

Advisable For:
Bonding daily constructing components in exterior architecture, interior decoration, property furnishings-manufactured advertisement repairing, this kind of as leather-based, wallpaper, carpet, rubber, metallic, woodworking, plastics, glass, porcelain, also for fireproof-board, aluminum-board, gentleman-created board, polyester plywood, bamboo board.

Specialized characteristics:

Visual appeal: LigEPT yellow thick liquid

Viscosity (25 degC): 4,000 CPS

Solid content: ge45%

Tensile shear reinforce (wooden to wood): ge2Mpa

Peel strengthen (twenty five degC x 48H, canvas to canvas): ge70N/two.5cm

Storage and EPT: Stock the products in awesome and dry area
Shelf lifespan: 24 months

Accessible to use primarily based on passing of the check if currently being outside of the shelf lifespan

EPT specification: 30 or 60mL or 100ml, 250ml,


one. Surfaces to be glued have to be dry cleanse and free from grease.

two. Apply adhesive evenly into the two surfaces to be bonded.

3. Wait around for about ten to 15 minutes until the adhesive feels dry. Firmly paste the two surfaces together. The power of bond is determined by the amount of pressure utilized, but not by the bonding period.

Notes: Keep away from get in touch with with pores and skin and eyes. After it happens, flush with h2o and consult doctor quickly.

Maintain out of attain of young children.

All objective glue/All function adhesive. /Multi function adhesive

one. LigEPT yellow shade
2. Bonds for many materials,multi purpose
three. Solvent free,
4. H2o proofing,
five. Bond shaped elastic

Henco contact glue, your greatest decision,

Rubber Contact Cement

Rubber Contact Cement