Rubber Granulator Crumb Type Recyling Plant

Rubber Granulator Crumb Type Recyling Plant

Rubber Granulator Crumb Variety Recyling Plant

The EPT tire recycling EPT will be controlled by the PLC, all the supplies will be process inside of EPTs, there is Genuine ZERO Pollution. one labor, one engineer can work all the EPTs, no want to function the EPTs, just management the PLC. the EPTs can shield the EPTs, perform the EPTs and hold the EPTs work smoothly.


one.Tire shredEPTEPT

The Rubber ShredEPTEPT undertake PLC computerized control system, with computerized reversal control technique in overload problem. Two-shaft tire crusher is EPTly created for previous tires with minimal pace and high torque to decrease sounds and EPT consumption.

The blade of the shredEPTis produced of substantial top quality steel and subjected to Bodycote warmth remedy to obtain the ideal crushing efficiency.The shredEPTis effortless to disassemble and change cutter blade and ideal for tearing massive, extra thick and tough materials.The thickness range of the crushing blade is 25mm-152mm according to the tire variety,output and last solution. The grinEPTcan procedure OTR tires,massive truck tires,automobile tires and so on at the speed of one-30tons whithin 1 hour.

Product Input size Output measurement Cappacity Motor Blades amount Dimensions Excess weight
TS-800 800mm 50*50mm 1-2T/h two*22kw 16pcs 4*2.6*3.2m 8T
TS-1200 1200mm 60*60mm three-5T/h 2*37kw 20pcs four.eight*two.eight*three.5m 14T
TS-1600 1600mm 50-150mm six-8T/h two*45kw 16-30pcs five*two*3.4m 18T
TS-1800 1800mm 50-150mm 7-10T/h 2*55kw 20-24pcs five.6*2*three.4m 23T
TS-2000 2000mm seventy five-200mm ten-15T/h two*75kw 20-30pcs 6*2.four*4m 36T
TS-2400 2400mm one hundred-200mm twenty-30T/h two*110kw sixteen-24pcs 7.4*three.2*five.2m 56T

EPT tire shredding program is made to create up to 6 tons for each hour of wire cost-free rubber mulch.This technique generates up to a ninety nine% wire free of charge chip ranging in size among 12-25mm depending on the wanted measurement.After processing,the metal is eliminated by our magnetic separation technique.At this position,the wire free rubber chips are all set to be colored and employed for landscaping mulch and the steel is ready to be baled and marketed to smelters.

Rasper Motor EPT Potential Dimensions Weight Cutting chamber Last product
R45 Siemens 45KW three hundred-500kg/H one.four*one.2*2.3m 1700kg 450*600mm ten-30mm
R55 Siemens 55KW 500-700kg/H 1.7**2.3m 1850kg 450*800mm ten-30mm
R75 Siemens 75KW 700-1T/H two*two*4.1m 3500kg 550*800mm 10-30mm
R90 Siemens 90KW one-one.5T/H**four.1m 4200kg 550*1000mm 10-30mm
R132 Siemens 132KW one.five-3T/H two*2.5*four.1m 6100kg 742*1200mm 10-30mm
R315 Siemens 315KW three-6T/H six.two*two.1*3.6m 12400kg 697*1562mm ten-30mm

3.Granulator EPT

Waste Tire Recycling Rubber Granule Creating EPT is adopting bodily recycling method and is designed to grind the rubber mulch from the rasper into modest granules as fantastic as one-6mm. The granules are screened and re-circulated until finally the wanted dimensions is arrived at. This Totally-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line working in typical temperature, no need to have to insert any other substances, no air pollution to the environment. This is the best way to recycling scrap tires.

Granulator G37 G45 G90
Motor Siemens Siemens Siemens
EPT 37kw 45kw 90kw
Potential three hundred-500kg/h five hundred-800kg/h 800-1500kg/h
Proportions one.eight*one.six*2.4m one.8*1.nine*2.4m two.2*2.three*3m
Last product 1-6mm 1-6mm 1-6mm


Rubber powEPTis the closing outcome of ambient tire recycling.At this phase,crumb rubber is ground down into a thoroughly clean powEPTform with almost all metal and fiber taken off.Rubber powEPThas several secondary utilizes from injection molding merchandise,coatings,roofing components and a variety of asphaltapplications.

Rubber powEPTis typically identified in 40-74 microns(.forty-.74mm) in size.This micron dimension metarial has the advantage of getting incorporated into new or eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sting formulations for different polymers and finished goods.

Rubber powder M2000 M1500 M1000 M500
Input item Weighty obligation truck tyres to bicycle tyres
Input measurement Diameter 1800mm Diameter 1800mm Diameter 1800mm Diameter 1800mm
Output size shred to 30-120 mesh rubber powder
Capacity 2000kg/h 1500kg/h 1000kg/h 500kg/h
Whole Kw 680-760kw 516-556kw 347-372kw 170-190kw


Q1,Are you a manufacturing unit or a buying and selling company?
A. We are a maker with 30 a long time generation experience in tire recycling EPT. We have export license, we can offer you you the manufacturing unit costs.

Q2. Can you ensure the capability as you mentioned ?
A. Undoubtedly yes,except that,we also give three-5years guarantee.

Q3, are you sure the ultimate rubber powEPTcan be fully thoroughly clean out of wire metal or nylon ?
A. The final powEPTpurity can attain ninety nine.nine%. we have magnetic separator which can independent the wire metal from the rubber powder.

Rubber Granulator Crumb Type Recyling Plant

Rubber Granulator Crumb Type Recyling Plant