Slewing Drives Planetary Gearboxes

Slewing drives planetary gearboxes are an integral part of various heavy-duty machinery. Offering exceptional performance, these gearboxes are designed to withstand demanding duties in any environment.

Superior Performance of Slewing Drives

The EP700S slewing drive gearbox, designed specifically for pinion and slewing ring drives, is a testament to the superior performance of these units. Used extensively in tower cranes, shipboard and harbor cranes, wind generators, and steering drives on ship propulsion systems, the EP700S proves its utility where accurate positioning is paramount.

The design of the gearbox optimizes torque performance and radial load capacity, ensuring perfect meshing of the pinion and ring gear. Some versions feature eccentric mounting between the pinion axis and the casing axis for precise adjustment. The wide range of ratios allows for the selection of motor size and type that best suits the customer’s requirements and application.

Key Features of Slewing Drives

The slewing drives offer several key features:

  • Output torque range: 1000-180000 Nm
  • Gear ratios: i=3.3-3000
  • Support: slew support (with flange mounted)
  • Output shaft: splined or with integral pinion; output shafts supported by heavy-duty capacity bearings
  • Applicable motors: axial piston hydraulic motors, hydraulic orbit motors, IEC electric motors
  • Hydraulic motor options: pressure relief valve, overcenter valve, parking brake
  • Electric brake: DC and AC type
  • Hydraulic brake: hydraulically released parking brake

slewing bearing drive planetary gear reducer application

Quality Gearboxes at Competitive Prices

We offer a range of gearboxes, including the EP700L Series, which can be used interchangeably with models from Trasmital Bonfiglioli. The technical data and installation dimensions of our gearboxes match those of the Bonfiglioli 700T Series, ensuring seamless integration into your existing machinery.

Our Expertise and Experience

We are a professional manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, offering a wide range of products that can replace models from renowned brands like Trasmital Bonfiglioli, Brevini Riduttori, Bosch Rexroth, Comer Industries, Reggiana Riduttori, Rossi, and Zollern.

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Our customers trust us for our consistency in delivering top-quality products that meet their specific requirements. We leverage our industry knowledge and technical expertise to produce gearboxes that are not only robust and efficient but also cost-effective.

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1. What is the output torque range for the slewing drives?

The output torque range for the slewing drives is 1000-180000 Nm.

2. What are the gear ratios for the slewing drives?

The gear ratios for the slewing drives are i=3.3-3000.

3. What types of motors are applicable for the slewing drives?

The slewing drives can accommodate axial piston hydraulic motors, hydraulic orbit motors, and IEC electric motors.

4. Can the EP700L Series be used interchangeably with models from other brands?

Yes, the EP700L Series can be used interchangeably with models from Trasmital Bonfiglioli.

5. What makes your gearboxes a preferred choice for customers?

Our gearboxes are a preferred choice due to their superior performance, robust design, and competitive pricing.