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Manufactured to cater for heavy-duty needs in agricultural and industrial power transmission systems, the L series PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft boasts a thicker wall than standard PTO shafts, resulting in superior durability, improved torque transmission, and enhanced torsional capacity.

Notable Features of the L Series PTO Shaft

The L series PTO shaft is available in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit different agricultural and industrial equipment requirements. Besides, they come equipped with additional features such as telescoping, quick release, and overrunning clutch options, guaranteeing superior performance, reliability, and safety. This makes them a popular choice among farmers, contractors, and manufacturers worldwide.

L Series Lemon PTO Shaft

L Series Lemon PTO Shaft Sizes Table

Choosing the right size of a PTO shaft is critical regardless of the job at hand. The manufacturer should provide length recommendations to help you get an idea. When measuring a PTO shaft, use a tape measure and measure from the outside of each yoke to obtain the closed length. The series size should correspond with the amount of horsepower your tractor has. Tractor PTO shafts operate at two different speeds, the 540 rpm PTO shaft and the 1000 rpm PTO shaft.

L Series Lemon