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Planetary Gearbox for Environmental Machinery: A Comprehensive Guide

Boosting the efficiency and durability of environmental machinery requires robust, high-quality components. One such component is the Planetary Gearbox, a crucial part of machines like centrifuges, mixers, and garbage compactors. This article will guide you through the intricacies of our Planetary Gearboxes and why they are the optimal choice for your environmental machinery needs.

Understanding Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary Gearboxes are integral in enhancing the running stability of machines. The high-quality gearboxes we provide are designed to keep your machines in good condition for extended periods. Our gearboxes are energy-efficient and robust, offering a full suite of benefits for environmentally friendly machines that require long-term operation.


The Uniqueness of Our Planetary Gearboxes

Our gearboxes are designed to be seamlessly integrated into machinery, making them perfectly compatible with Trasmital bonfiglioli in terms of installation dimensions and performance parameters. Their high compatibility makes them an excellent replacement for Trasmital bonfiglioli products. The product line includes Planetary Gearbox, Wheel Drive Gearbox, Winch Drive Gearbox, and Track Drive Gearbox.


About Us: Your Trusted Gearbox Manufacturer

We are a professional manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, committed to delivering products of the highest quality to our customers. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a dedicated team of specialists to ensure the production of top-tier gearboxes.


Why Choose Our Products?

Our products are not only compatible with Trasmital bonfiglioli but also with other renowned brands like Brevini Riduttori, BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, and ZOLLERN. This compatibility makes our gearboxes versatile and adaptable to a wide range of applications.


Empowering Your Business with Our Solutions

We invite you to explore our extensive range of top-quality planetary gearboxes. With our products, you can enhance the efficiency of your machinery and ensure their longevity. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs.

Get Started Today

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your machinery with our high-quality gearboxes. Click here to explore more about our products and make the best investment for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of machinery can use a Planetary Gearbox? Planetary Gearboxes are widely used in environmental machinery such as centrifuges, mixers, and garbage compactors.
  2. What is the advantage of using a Planetary Gearbox? A high-quality Planetary Gearbox can improve the running stability of machines, enhance their longevity, and save energy.
  3. Can your Planetary Gearbox replace Trasmital bonfiglioli products? Yes, our Planetary Gearbox, Wheel Drive Gearbox, Winch Drive Gearbox, and Track Drive Gearbox are fully compatible with Trasmital bonfiglioli products in terms of installation dimensions and performance parameters.
  4. What other brands are your products compatible with? Our gearboxes can replace products from Brevini Riduttori, BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, and ZOLLERN.
  5. How can I purchase your products? You can explore and purchase our products directly from our website. We also provide customer support for any queries or issues.

Planetary Gearbox for Cement Machinery: A Revolution in Operational Efficiency

As industries evolve, the demand for high-efficiency, low energy consumption, and minimal pollution equipment is on the rise. The cement industry is no exception to this trend. In response to this demand, we present our robust planetary gearboxes, optimized for cement machinery with high-capacity bearings, designed to meet the unique requirements of your applications in the cement industry.


Unveiling the Superiority of Our Planetary Gearboxes

The advanced manufacturing technology we employ in crafting our planetary gearboxes ensures not only high operational efficiency but also prolongs the service life. In the following sections, we will delve into the key features, maintenance tips, and common application scenarios of our planetary gearboxes.

Key Features

  • High Efficiency: Our gearboxes are designed to maximize power output while minimizing energy consumption.
  • Low Noise: The precision engineering of our gearboxes ensures minimal noise during operation.
  • High Capacity Bearings: The use of high-capacity bearings ensures your equipment can handle heavy loads without compromising on performance.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the optimal performance of our planetary gearboxes involves routine checks and preventive maintenance. This includes regular oil changes, temperature monitoring, and ensuring the gearbox is kept clean and free from dust and debris.

Common Application Scenarios

The versatility of our planetary gearboxes makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in the cement industry. This includes mixers, crushers, conveyor systems, and more.

Matching the Performance of Industry Giants

Our Planetary gearbox, Wheel drive gearbox, Winch drive gearbox, and Track drive gearbox are designed with dimensions identical to Trasmital Bonfiglioli, offering performance parameters that closely match the industry giant. This compatibility makes our gearboxes a viable alternative for applications currently utilizing Trasmital Bonfiglioli products.


Introducing Our Manufacturing Might

We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, with a state-of-the-art factory dedicated to producing gearboxes of the highest quality. Our commitment to quality and precision is evident in every product we manufacture.

Our Gearbox Factory

Expanding the Scope: Offering Alternatives to Other Brands

Our expertise extends beyond producing alternatives to Trasmital Bonfiglioli. We also manufacture products that can replace gearboxes from other leading brands such as Brevini Riduttori, BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, and ZOLLERN.

Related Planetary Gearboxes

Take Your Cement Manufacturing to the Next Level

With our high-quality planetary gearboxes, you can enhance the operational efficiency of your cement machinery while reducing energy consumption and noise levels. We invite you to explore our products and see the difference for yourself. Take the first step towards a more efficient and sustainable cement manufacturing process by choosing our planetary gearboxes.


  1. What makes your planetary gearboxes suitable for the cement industry?
    Our gearboxes are designed with high-capacity bearings and advanced manufacturing technology, making them highly efficient, durable, and suitable for heavy-duty applications in the cement industry.
  2. Can your gearboxes replace those from Trasmital Bonfiglioli?
    Yes, our gearboxes are designed with dimensions identical to Trasmital Bonfiglioli and offer similar performance parameters, making them a viable alternative.
  3. How are your gearboxes maintained?
    Regular oil changes, temperature monitoring, and keeping the gearbox clean and free from dust and debris are recommended for optimal performance.
  4. What other brands can your gearboxes replace?
    We also manufacture products that can replace gearboxes from brands such as Brevini Riduttori, BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, and ZOLLERN.
  5. What applications can your gearboxes be used for in the cement industry?
    Our gearboxes can be used in a wide range of applications, including mixers, crushers, and conveyor systems.

Planetary Gearbox for Agricultural Machinery: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Planetary Gearbox for Agricultural Machinery

With the modernization of agriculture, the use of machinery in farming has become a common practice. Large tractors, motor graders, combine harvesters, roller compactors, and irrigation machines are often integral parts of a farm’s operations. One component that plays a crucial role in these machines’ functionality is the gearbox, predominantly the Planetary Gearbox.

The Planetary Gearbox is a high-quality and reliable gearbox designed for large agricultural machinery. It is part of our wide range of gear drives suitable for installation in these machines. Standardized and serialized, our power transmission products offer dependable performance across different models. We also provide customization services to suit specific requirements.


Features and Benefits of the Planetary Gearbox

Our Planetary Gearboxes are notable for their exceptional features and benefits. They offer high efficiency, low noise, and low backlash, making them ideal for various agricultural applications. We ensure that all our gearboxes are thoroughly inspected and tested before delivery. We also provide a one-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service for all our products.

Compatibility with Leading Brands

Our Planetary Gearboxes are fully compatible with the installation dimensions of the Trasmital Bonfiglioli products. Their performance parameters are very close to those of Trasmital Bonfiglioli, making them perfect replacements for these products.

About Our Company

We are a professional manufacturer of Planetary Gearboxes. Our factory, which you can see in the image below, is equipped with advanced equipment and technology to ensure the production of top-quality gearboxes.


Aside from Planetary Gearboxes, we also produce Wheel drive gearboxes, Winch drive gearboxes, and Track drive gearboxes. We take pride in our capability to produce products that can replace other brands, such as Brevini Riduttori, BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, and ZOLLERN.


Why Choose Our Planetary Gearbox

1. Wide Selection of Reducers

2. Attractive Price and Top Brand Quality

3. Professional Technical Support

4. Customized Service

5. Fast Delivery Time

6. Alternatives to Branded Reducers

Take Action Today!

We encourage you to explore our range of Planetary Gearboxes and other products. To learn more about our offerings and how they can benefit your agricultural machinery, please click here. Take the first step towards upgrading your machinery and improving your agricultural operations today!

Common Questions about Our Planetary Gearbox

Q1: What makes your Planetary Gearbox suitable for agricultural machinery?

Q2: How does your Planetary Gearbox compare to those of other brands?

Q3: What kind of support do you offer to customers?

Q4: Can I customize a gearbox according to my specifications?

Q5: How fast can you deliver your products?

Planetary Gearbox for Cargo Cranes and Winch Packing Machine

Experience the efficiency of our high-precision planetary gearbox, meticulously designed for cargo cranes and winch packing machines. This unparalleled piece of equipment guarantees maximum torque stiffness and stability due to its integrated design of the planet carrier and output shaft.

Exceptional Features of our Planetary Gearbox

Our planetary gearbox comes with an impressive range of features. It offers multiple backlash types that can be selected according to customer needs, including micro precision backlash (P0), precision backlash (P1), and standard backlash (P2). The 3F PAB series planetary gearboxes, highly recognized for its cost-efficiency, is widely utilized in servo applications across the motion control industry.

The 3F PAB precision gearbox is known for its massive torque, with the input diameter D4 reaching up to φ255mm, thereby catering to a broad range of customer requirements. We offer both single-stage planetary gearboxes and two-stage gearboxes for flexible application:

  • One-stage ratio : 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Two-stage ratio: 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

Overview of Planetary Gearbox Specifications

Our planetary gearbox boasts of a minimum backlash of 0-3 arcmin. It benefits from high torque and high strength, making it suitable for any servo motor and stepper motor. The start-stop positioning time is considerably shorter, and it offers high rigidity and high motor rotor inertia. With the miniaturization of motor power, the inertial load is stabilized, ensuring minimum vibration.

Product Specifications

Ratio 40
Backlash P2 (≤7arcmin)
Output Type Shaft
Rated Output Torque 290 Nm
Rated Input Speed 3500 rpm
Efficiency ≥94%
Torsional Rigidity 25
Lubrication Synthetic Grease
Operating Temperature -15℃~+90℃
Protection Temperature IP65
Mounting Position Any Direction
Service Life 21000 hours

Why Choose our Planetary Gearbox?

Our commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors. Here are six reasons why our Planetary Gearbox is the perfect choice for your industrial needs:

1. Broad Range of Speed Reducers for Selection

2. Attractive Price with Top Brand Quality

3. All-round Professional Technical Support

4. Customized Service is Available

5. Fast Delivery Time

6. Alternatives to Brand Speed Reducers

Experience Our Superior Manufacturing Capabilities

As a leading manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, our production capabilities are unrivaled. Our gearboxes are designed to fit perfectly with Trasmital bonfiglioli’s installation dimensions, providing a close match with their performance parameters. This means that our products can be used as replacements for Trasmital bonfiglioli’s products.

Our Gearbox Factory

Discover Our Wide Range of Products

In addition to our Planetary Gearbox, we also manufacture replacements for brands like Brevini riduttori, BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, and ZOLLERN.

Related Planetary Gearbox

Take Action Today!

Don’t wait to experience the exceptional performance of our Planetary Gearbox. Explore the product and make your purchase today to experience increased efficiency and productivity in your operations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with the best quality products and services.


  1. What are the key features of your Planetary Gearbox?
  2. What are the benefits of using your Planetary Gearbox?
  3. What kind of technical support do you provide?
  4. Do you offer customized services?
  5. How can your Planetary Gearbox replace other brands?

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PTO Drive Shaft Tube – The Key to Efficient Power Transmission in Agricultural Machinery


The PTO drive shaft tube is a crucial component in agricultural machinery that enables efficient power transmission. It serves as a metal cylindrical encasement for the drive gear, providing additional reinforcement for the drive shaft. The PTO drive shaft tube is available in both domestic (North American) and metric (European) profile shapes. Domestic tubing is typically square, rectangular, or round, while metric tubing can be trilobed or lemon-shaped.

Choosing the Correct PTO Drive Shaft Tube

Ensuring that you select the correct PTO drive shaft tube is essential for optimal performance and safety. The easiest way to determine the correct tube is to measure the diameter of the u-joint caps at the tractor end. Using calipers, measure the outer diameter of the u-joint cap and compare it to the standardized sizing chart. It is important to measure the u-joints end-to-end in both directions for accurate results.

Tractor PTO Shaft Tubing Sizes

Triangular PTO Shaft Tubing

Triangular PTO shaft tubing is commonly used in constant-velocity PTO drivelines. To find the right triangular PTO shaft tubing for your tractor, consider removing the cross-kit from the yoke and using calipers to measure the end-to-end diameter of the tractor PTO shaft universal joint and the internal diameter of the yoke ears. Match these measurements to the cross and bearing identification chart.

It is important to note that there are other types of PTO shaft tubing available for purchase. Lemon-shaped tubing is best suited for standard drivelines, while a star-shaped profile tube offers multiple contact faces for enhanced performance.

Lemon Shaped PTO Shaft Tubing

If you are working on a tractor with a lemon-shaped PTO shaft, it is crucial to take safety measures to avoid injury. Selecting the right driveline for your tractor is essential, as over-telescoping the shaft or improper adjustment of slip clutches can lead to accidents. Different types of lemon-shaped PTO shaft tubing are available, featuring internal or external snap rings and rounded or squared yokes.

Star Tube PTO Shaft

For owners of large tractors or large-scale farming equipment, the star tube PTO shaft is an important component. The star-shaped tube is commonly used for tractor attachments as it facilitates easy control of speed and torque. Its heavy-duty nature allows it to withstand significant stress. To ensure proper installation, check the serial number on the shaft and match it with the cross and bearing identification chart.

Rectangular/Square PTO Shaft Tubing

Square/rectangular PTO shaft tubing is ideal for equipment that doesn’t experience sudden halts. It is commonly used in mowing, shredding, and plowing applications. A yoke-to-yoke arrangement can be used for large mowers, and different types of yokes (metric or domestic) with labeled splines are available. Measure the inside of the collar and the connection on the tractor to determine the correct type.

Hexagonal PTO Shaft Tube

If you are looking to replace your current PTO shaft, consider a hexagonal PTO shaft tube. This type of shaft is easier to install and maintain compared to other drivelines, making it ideal for tractors and large machinery. These tubes are made of high-quality aluminum alloys and are available in various sizes.

How is PTO Drive Shaft Tube Measured?

To measure the PTO drive shaft tube correctly, locate the cross and bearing kit and use calipers to measure the inside and outside diameters of the u-joint cap and the yoke ear. Measure both sides of the cross-kit tube to determine its width. Compare your measurements with the cross and bearing identification chart to ensure accurate sizing.

Drive Shaft Tube Material

The material used for the drive shaft tube is crucial for its strength and durability. Steel is the most popular material, but high-performance alloys and carbon fiber are also available. Steel is heavy, increasing the load on the drivetrain, while high-performance alloys are lighter. Carbon fiber is the lightest drive

Sure That Safety Is Your Primary Concern in Dealing with PTO Shafts and Agricultural Machinery



When it comes to dealing with PTO shafts and agricultural machinery, safety should always be your primary concern. Ensuring the safety of yourself, others, and the equipment is crucial in preventing injuries and damage. In this article, we will explore the importance of safety when working with PTO shafts, discuss the maintenance and care of these shafts, highlight common applications, and provide a guide on how to cut a PTO shaft to the appropriate length.

Product Introduction

At [Company Name], we understand the significance of safe and efficient agricultural practices. Our PTO shafts are specifically designed to meet the highest safety standards, providing reliable power transmission between tractors and farm implements. With superior durability and precision engineering, our PTO shafts ensure optimal performance in even the most demanding agricultural applications.

Key Features:

  • High-quality materials for enhanced strength and durability
  • Precision engineering for smooth power transmission
  • Designed to withstand heavy loads and intense operating conditions
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Compliance with industry safety standards

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and regular care are essential for the longevity and reliable performance of PTO shafts. Here are some key maintenance tips:

  1. Inspect the shaft regularly for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment.
  2. Keep the shaft clean and free from dirt, debris, and rust.
  3. Lubricate the shaft according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure smooth operation.
  4. Replace any worn-out or damaged components promptly.
  5. Store the shaft in a clean and dry environment when not in use.

Our Strength: Expert PTO Shaft Manufacturing

At [Company Name], we take pride in our expertise and experience in manufacturing PTO shafts. With years of industry knowledge, we have established ourselves as a leading factory in the field. Our commitment to quality, precision, and safety has earned us a stellar reputation among agricultural professionals.

We understand the unique needs of our customers and strive to provide exceptional service tailored to their requirements. By choosing [Company Name], you can trust that you are partnering with a reliable and dedicated team that values your safety and satisfaction.

Take action now! Explore our range of PTO shafts and experience the difference they can make in your agricultural operations. Place your order today and enjoy the benefits of our high-quality products.

Complete Range of Agricultural Machinery Products

In addition to PTO shafts, we offer a comprehensive range of agricultural machinery products to cater to all your farming needs. Our product lineup includes:

  • Agricultural Gearboxes
  • Agricultural Pulleys
  • Agricultural chains
  • And more!

No matter what type of agricultural machinery parts you require, we have you covered. Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of farming operations and deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

  1. Q: How do I determine the appropriate length for cutting a PTO shaft?

    A: To determine the appropriate length for cutting a PTO shaft, measure the distance between the tractor’s PTO output shaft and the implement’s input shaft. It is crucial to ensure a proper fit and adequate clearance for safe operation.

  2. Q: Are PTO shafts compatible with all types of agricultural machinery?

    A: PTO shafts are designed to be compatible with a wide range of agricultural machinery, including but not limited to tractors, mowers, balers, and tillers. However, it is essential to ensure that the PTO shaft’s specifications match the requirements of your specific equipment.

  3. Q: How often should I lubricate my PTO shaft?

    A: The frequency of lubrication depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the operating conditions. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended to lubricate the PTO shaft at regular intervals, such as every 50 hours of operation or as indicated in the equipment’s maintenance manual.

  4. Q: Can I repair a damaged PTO shaft?

    A: In most cases, it is not recommended to repair a damaged PTO shaft. It is safer and more cost-effective to replace the damaged shaft or its components. Attempting to repair a damaged shaft can compromise its integrity and safety.

  5. Q: How can I ensure the safety of working with PTO shafts?

    A: To ensure the safety of working with PTO shafts, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines. Inspect the shaft and its components regularly, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and never operate the equipment with damaged or worn-out parts.

Watch the video below to learn more about PTO shafts:

PTO Shaft Universal Joint: Your Ultimate Solution for Farm Machinery

Unveiling the PTO Shaft Universal Joint

Experience the efficiency and durability of the PTO Shaft Universal Joint from HZPT, a seasoned PTO shaft universal joint manufacturer and factory based in China. The PTO Shaft Universal Joint is available in a multiplicity of types, each offering a range of series options and a variety of choices for bearing diameter. This makes it an ideal solution for your farm machinery needs. Do not miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your farming experience, get in touch with us today!

Usage of Universal Joints

Universal joints are a popular choice in tractor PTO shafts, playing a crucial role in transmitting rotary motion. Available in a broad range of sizes, these innovative components perfectly fit into different types of shafts. Some implements feature standard output splined shafts, while others come with round shafts with keyways. Knowing the specific shape of the shaft is the first step towards determining the correct PTO shaft universal joint size. This information will guide you to measure accurately from the locking groove to the locking groove.

Importance of Correct Length

The length of the universal joint PTO shaft is specific to the make and model of the tractor. This requires you to measure the closed length of the shaft using a measuring tape. Ideally, the length of the universal joint PTO shaft should be at least one inch longer than the opening of the shaft. If the length is too short or too long, it necessitates replacing or buying an appropriately sized shaft to ensure a perfect fit.

Recognizing Faulty U-joints

Typical signs of a faulty universal joint include a squeaking noise during acceleration and driving, a heavy clunking noise when shifting, and a shuddering sensation during braking. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is advisable to seek immediate assistance from a reputable mechanic. Failure to rectify a bad PTO shaft universal joint promptly can lead to damage to your drive shaft, resulting in costly repairs.

Size Options of Universal Joints

Universal joints come in different sizes, making it essential to identify the shape of the tubing where your agricultural universal joint is installed. Round shafts with keyways are common in many implements. The preferred measurement is from locking groove to locking groove. A splined shaft is the simplest to install, but a U joint may be necessary if the PTO shaft is made of a different material. You can refer to our tractor PTO u joint size chart for more details.

Hooke’s Joint: A Reliable Universal Joint

A universal joint is a type of planetary gearbox, consisting of a spider and four grease-filled roller bearings. These joints can transmit high torques at low friction, operate efficiently with minimal noise and wear, and withstand extreme temperature and pressure changes. They are also easy to install and disassemble, making them an excellent choice for agricultural applications.

Thompson Coupling: An Efficient Universal Joint

The Thompson coupling universal joint is a type of planetary transmission that uses a ball-and-socket coupling. This is an ideal solution for small-scale agriculture and forestry operations.

HZPT Universal Joint PTO Shaft: A Premium Choice

HZPT offers an array of universal joints for your power take-off needs. These universal parts feature a black oxidization finish, improving their corrosion resistance. The universal joints are suitable for a variety of PTO drive shafts, including mowing attachments, tillers, cutters, and other agricultural equipment. The HZPT universal joint PTO shaft is a high-quality power take-off model that works perfectly even at maximum speed and rotations.

Maintenance of PTO Shaft Universal Joint

Regular maintenance of your PTO shaft is crucial for long-term use. This involves lubrication at least once a year or after 20 hours of continuous use. If you wish to carry out maintenance yourself, there are several steps you can follow to ensure your universal joint PTO shaft remains in top condition.

More About PTO Shaft Universal Joint

If you’re in the market for new tractor PTO shaft universal joints, we have got you covered. From dimensions, design, material, and maintenance of PTO shaft universal joint, we provide all the necessary details to help you make the best decision. We also offer a free quote and guide you through the installation process. Explore our range of products and experience the efficiency of our PTO shaft universal joints.

Universal Joints PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox

If you need a universal joint PTO shaft for your agricultural gearbox and other farm machinery, HZPT is your go-to solution. As a reliable PTO shaft manufacturer and factory in China, we offer various series options and several choices for bearing diameter.

Q&A about PTO Shaft Universal Joint

  • Q: How do I determine the correct PTO shaft universal joint size?
    A: You need to measure the length of the shaft and note the shape of the shaft. This will guide you to choose the correct size from our size chart.
  • Q: How often should I lubricate my PTO shaft universal joint?
    A: It is advisable to lubricate it at least once a year or after 20 hours of continuous use.
  • Q: What are the signs of a faulty universal joint?
    A: Common signs include a squeaking noise when accelerating and driving, a heavy clunking noise when shifting, and a shuddering sensation during braking.
  • Q: What makes HZPT universal joints a premium choice?
    A: HZPT universal joints are made of high-strength steel, feature a black oxidization finish for improved corrosion resistance, and are suitable for various PTO drive shafts.
  • Q: What is the importance of correct length in a universal joint PTO shaft?
    A: The correct length ensures a perfect fit and prevents issues like bottoming out.