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PTO Drive Shaft Tube – The Key to Efficient Power Transmission in Agricultural Machinery


The PTO drive shaft tube is a crucial component in agricultural machinery that enables efficient power transmission. It serves as a metal cylindrical encasement for the drive gear, providing additional reinforcement for the drive shaft. The PTO drive shaft tube is available in both domestic (North American) and metric (European) profile shapes. Domestic tubing is typically square, rectangular, or round, while metric tubing can be trilobed or lemon-shaped.

Choosing the Correct PTO Drive Shaft Tube

Ensuring that you select the correct PTO drive shaft tube is essential for optimal performance and safety. The easiest way to determine the correct tube is to measure the diameter of the u-joint caps at the tractor end. Using calipers, measure the outer diameter of the u-joint cap and compare it to the standardized sizing chart. It is important to measure the u-joints end-to-end in both directions for accurate results.

Tractor PTO Shaft Tubing Sizes

Triangular PTO Shaft Tubing

Triangular PTO shaft tubing is commonly used in constant-velocity PTO drivelines. To find the right triangular PTO shaft tubing for your tractor, consider removing the cross-kit from the yoke and using calipers to measure the end-to-end diameter of the tractor PTO shaft universal joint and the internal diameter of the yoke ears. Match these measurements to the cross and bearing identification chart.

It is important to note that there are other types of PTO shaft tubing available for purchase. Lemon-shaped tubing is best suited for standard drivelines, while a star-shaped profile tube offers multiple contact faces for enhanced performance.

Lemon Shaped PTO Shaft Tubing

If you are working on a tractor with a lemon-shaped PTO shaft, it is crucial to take safety measures to avoid injury. Selecting the right driveline for your tractor is essential, as over-telescoping the shaft or improper adjustment of slip clutches can lead to accidents. Different types of lemon-shaped PTO shaft tubing are available, featuring internal or external snap rings and rounded or squared yokes.

Star Tube PTO Shaft

For owners of large tractors or large-scale farming equipment, the star tube PTO shaft is an important component. The star-shaped tube is commonly used for tractor attachments as it facilitates easy control of speed and torque. Its heavy-duty nature allows it to withstand significant stress. To ensure proper installation, check the serial number on the shaft and match it with the cross and bearing identification chart.

Rectangular/Square PTO Shaft Tubing

Square/rectangular PTO shaft tubing is ideal for equipment that doesn’t experience sudden halts. It is commonly used in mowing, shredding, and plowing applications. A yoke-to-yoke arrangement can be used for large mowers, and different types of yokes (metric or domestic) with labeled splines are available. Measure the inside of the collar and the connection on the tractor to determine the correct type.

Hexagonal PTO Shaft Tube

If you are looking to replace your current PTO shaft, consider a hexagonal PTO shaft tube. This type of shaft is easier to install and maintain compared to other drivelines, making it ideal for tractors and large machinery. These tubes are made of high-quality aluminum alloys and are available in various sizes.

How is PTO Drive Shaft Tube Measured?

To measure the PTO drive shaft tube correctly, locate the cross and bearing kit and use calipers to measure the inside and outside diameters of the u-joint cap and the yoke ear. Measure both sides of the cross-kit tube to determine its width. Compare your measurements with the cross and bearing identification chart to ensure accurate sizing.

Drive Shaft Tube Material

The material used for the drive shaft tube is crucial for its strength and durability. Steel is the most popular material, but high-performance alloys and carbon fiber are also available. Steel is heavy, increasing the load on the drivetrain, while high-performance alloys are lighter. Carbon fiber is the lightest drive

540 to 1000 PTO Drive Shaft With Slip Clutch: A Comprehensive Guide

The 540 to 1000 PTO Drive Shaft with Slip Clutch is a crucial component in the agriculture industry, acting as a torque limiting device. It plays a vital role in protecting your tractor and equipment from potential damage caused by excessive torque. This guide provides an in-depth look into the purpose, specifications, features, and functions of the PTO Drive Shaft with Slip Clutch.

Understanding the Purpose of Slip Clutch on PTO Drive Shaft

The slip clutch serves as an important safety mechanism in PTO-driven machinery. When there is too much torque applied, the slip clutch prevents excessive force from moving up the line thereby reducing the risk of damage. It is commonly used on rotary tilling attachments, providing an extra layer of protection to both the implements and the tractor.

PTO slip clutches are easy to install and maintain, and their advantages far outweigh any potential drawbacks. They are a crucial safety component for many applications, effectively acting as a safety line between PTO-driven machinery and other parts of the tractor. If the slip clutch fails, it allows power to pass through but not the attachment, further preventing damage.

Slip Clutch PTO Shaft Specification

The Slip Clutch PTO Shaft comes with a specific set of features and specifications. They include:

  • Function: Drive Shaft Parts & Power Transmission
  • Use: Kinds of Tractors & Farm Implements
  • Yoke Type: Double push pin, Bolt pins, Split pins, Pushpin, Quick release, Ball attachment, Collar
  • Processing Of Yoke: Forging
  • Plastic Cover: YW; BW; YS; BS; Etc
  • Color: Green; Orange; Yellow; Black Ect
  • Series: T1-T10; L1-L6;S6-S10;10HP-150HP with SA,RA,SB,SFF,WA,CV Etc
  • Tube Type: Lemon, Triangular, Star, Square, Hexangular, Spline, Special Ect
  • Processing Of Tube: Cold drawn
  • Spline Type: 1 1/8″ Z6;1 3/8″ Z6; 1 3/8″ Z21 ;1 3/4″ Z20; 1 3/4″ Z6; 8-38*32*6 8-42*36*7; 8-48*42*8
  • Place of Origin: China

Features and Functions of Tiller PTO Shaft with Slip Clutch

Various features and functions make the PTO drive shaft with a slip clutch a standout choice. These include power plates, friction disks, and slip clutches. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose what’s best for your tractor. As a leading PTO shaft supplier and manufacturer, we can provide expert guidance to help you make the right choice.

Power Plates

Power plates are a pivotal piece within a stationary slip clutch. These plates, made of high carbon steel, rotate inside the PTO shaft clutch body covers. They are rustproof, durable, and contain springs that provide flexibility to the entire mechanism. When replacing a slip clutch, make sure to disconnect the PTO shaft and turn the PTO off before removing the friction plates.

Friction Plates

Friction plates are found on aftermarket slip clutches. These consist of two spring-compressed clutch plates on the PTO drive shaft. They are designed to transmit power to implements and can slip when an obstruction is encountered, preventing shock loads from being transmitted.

Friction Disks

Friction disks are another type of slip clutch. They limit the amount of torque the PTO can generate, acting as a fail-safe disconnect if the user is unable to release the clutch. The friction disks for PTO drive shaft with slip clutch are commonly used in medium-to-heavy-duty rotary cutters.

Replacing Friction Plates on Slip Clutch PTO Shaft

If you’re replacing the friction plates on your PTO drive shaft, it’s important to disconnect the slip clutch. The PTO drive shaft slip clutch prevents power from flowing through the PTO drive shaft. Over time, the friction plates can wear out and need to be replaced.

Using a PTO Slip Clutch

Using a PTO slip clutch can effectively prevent your tractor from damage. However, make sure to adjust the springs properly to prevent the PTO shaft from slipping. If not adjusted properly, the friction plates can wear out prematurely. PTO slip clutches are commonly used on heavy-duty brush cutters, rotary tilling attachments and hole diggers.

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